About Us

TAVAN KADOUS NIROU Ltd. founded in 2007 as an Engineering and Trading company in electricity sector. Based on the company managers’ experience the following activities have been started:
1- Design of Electrical Installations,
2- Design and supply of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Panels for High Voltage Substations,
3- Design and supply of Control and Protection Panels for High Voltage Substations,
4- Design and supply of Distribution Panels,
5- Supply of Control, Metering, Protection and Switching Equipment such as circuit breakers and contactors. This Company is now the exclusive agent of SACI to supply different sorts of Metering Equipment such as Analogue Meters, Digital Meters, LV Current Transformers, Network Analyzers and Multi Meters. In addition, based on our strong stock we may supply the products of FUJI such as Discrepancy Switches and Test Blocks as well as variety of Key-Type and conventional Selector Switches in shortest delivery time with the most competitive prices. The other goods available from our stock are Current and Voltage Test blocks from ABB-ENTRELEC as well Test Blocks made by EASUN REYROLLE required for protective circuits.
6- Executing EPC projects on a turn-key basis.


Besides, we regularly scan the market for the new requirements to co-ordinate ourselves with these new demands and requisitions in order to achieve our most important goal which is CUSTOMER SATISFACTORY and to be profitable. Furthermore, we transfer the feedbacks from market about the quality of our services to the different departments of the company to take it into account for further activities. Also, the reports about the quality of the supplied goods and systems are announced to the manufacturer to withdraw their defects, keep their advantageous as well as modifying their products to satisfy our domestic demands as much as possible.